Choosing our coffee beans

At least 80% of all green coffee traded worldwide is exported under meaningless designations of origin. These coffees are bought from middlemen at the cheapest prices. The quality can be described as mediocre to grossly inferior. Unfortunately, that is the reality and what it means for the millions of farmers is something that very few people in this country want to deal with.

We have developed our own criteria for purchasing green coffee. The main criteria are that the farmers receive a fair price for the green coffee and that the origin of the coffee is transparent. On average, we pay significantly more for our green coffees than for FAIR TRADE certified ones. Of course, quality plays an equally important role for us. And when it comes to taste, we have a particular preference for coffees with very intense aroma profiles and a high level of sweetness. We also offer our customers a changing and seasonal range.

Green coffee with the highest standards & social added value

Globally oriented and seasonally oriented green coffee purchasing at a high level of quality is now only managed by a few green coffee traders and just a few roasters worldwide (mainly medium to medium-sized roasters, mainly in the USA and Scandinavia).

But in addition to financial commitment and the purchase of coffee, both retailers are of course also interested in long-term relationships. The approach taken goes far beyond what is known from FAIR TRADE, for example. We work much more closely with the farmers. In this way, processing processes are optimized together, workers are trained and new approaches to cultivation are developed. Ultimately, everyone benefits, the farmer receives above-average pay for his precise work and we, in return, receive a coffee with a wealth of aromas.